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Tröllaskagi to Mývatn | Iceland Road Trip | Adventureholix | Season 1 Episode 5

In Episode 5 we drive from Tröllaskagi to Mývatn. We explore the picturesque harbour town of Ólafsfjörður, stop for lunch at a dairy farm, and explore the geothermal areas of Hverir and Krafla where the earth beneath your feet is very much alive. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our latest adventures. We invite you to share, comment, and like as much as you want!

Places we visited and business we used in this video

(in chronological order)

Google Maps plot of all our stops along the route

Hofsós Camping Ground

Ólafsfjörður Harbour Town

Akureyri (great to buy food – link to a nice bakery)

Kaffi Ku (Restaurant and Dairy Farm)

Goðafoss Waterfall

Hverir Geothermal Area

Krafla Geothermal Area

Myvatn Nature Baths (Blue Lagoon of the North)

Hlíð Ferðaþjónusta Camping Ground

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