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GOKYO RI - What we saw from the top blew us away! | Gokyo Trek | Vlog 08 | S2:E8

In today’s episode, we set off from Gokyo (4,800 m) early in the morning for our final push to reach Gokyo Ri (5,357 m). From the summit we enjoyed a panoramic view of the surrounding blue lakes, the largest glacier in Nepal, and some of the highest Himalayan peaks on earth. This climatic day left us speechless and and created memories that will stay with us for a lifetime. Join us on this final leg of our journey to experience the grandeur of Gokyo Ri and it's surroundings!

BONUS FEATURE: We also speak to our mountain porter - Lukindra - about his profession and the challenges he faces living in the Himalayas. We think it is important to shed light on the topic so that more people become aware of the issues and in order to promote fair pay for hiring a porter in the Himalayas.


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